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This model cultivates sustainable passive income streams and opportunities to build generational wealth for its community affiliates.

JAA LIFESTYLE has programs that enable you to acquire property- your first home, a new car, a boat, motorbikes plus many extraordinary economic benefits.

JAA LIFESTYLE’s goal is to change the world of finance by challenging its methods by giving everyone the same opportunity that until now has been reserved for the resourceful and successful part of the population. With such a disruptive business model we also have a goal to create the most millionaires than any other company in history.

JAA LIFESTYLE is a disruptive paradigm shifting company that shows its affiliates how easy it is to raise their means to meet their dreams, from building a network by using the JAA LIFESTYLE proprietary system. Our company's culture is people empowering people to enhance their lifestyle.

It is becoming increasingly harder for most people to qualify for financing of larger purchases such as automobiles, houses, boats, etc. Home ownership is an important standard for building wealth and without it people and families are stuck in the same cycle of mediocrity. JAA LIFESTYLE will impact the global market and create new statistics reflecting more homeowners through our proprietary system.

This concept is for anyone who is planning to start their journey in life with finding a place to call home, a car and more. There may be many reasons why you are in a situation where this program is of benefit for you. It may be that you are young and have not had a job and therefore do not have what conventional banks ask as security. Or downturn in the economy has affected you and need to start over. Another reason could be that you want to get a second home or a special car that your current budget or credit cannot provide.

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The Team

Shain Hymon

Director of Operations

Born and raised in Southern California. Shain Hymon became an entrepreneur during his youth, advancing himself from one paid trade to the next. During his senior year at Rancho Cucamonga High School, Shain made the decision to pursue a professional career as an entrepreneur.

In 2004, Shain started his professional career by becoming a California State Board Licensed Barber. After quickly maximizing his potential in this trade, he furthered his professional career by becoming a Licensed Mortgage Loan officer with Global Equity Lending. After a couple years of mortgage loans and learning the Real Estate market, Shain decided to further his professional career by becoming a Licensed Realtor with the California Department of Real Estate.

Throughout his business endeavors, Shain learned that Network Marketing was a very effective distribution method as well as a great way to duplicate shared success. After achieving his highest success rate through Network Marketing in his Real Estate business, Shain began exposing himself to many other Network Marketing companies in different industries. During the course of Shain’s involvement with many Network Marketing companies he realized the importance of Online Marketing when striving to achieve high levels of success. After much time and effort studying and practicing Online Marketing, Shain developed the ability to create systems that would dramatically increase the overall success rate of both Traditional Business and Network Marketing Business also.

Shain’s goal is to help as many individuals and families become financially free and live an overall better life. He is passionate about creating leaders that share the same vision of helping people achieve their dreams.

Allen Stinson

Team Leader

Allen Stinson's desire to win in life started with his athletic career at La Puente High School, in La Puente California. He played football and ran track. During his Senior year he was honored to receive the hall of fame award in Track and Field.

Allen continued his academic and athletic career by attending Mt San Antonio Jr college in Walnut California, and earned an AA degree in criminal science. He played football and ran track, and became the Jr college national record holder in the high hurdles. He then entered the University of Fullerton (CSUF) in Fullerton California and majored in political science while also excelling in track and field.

Allen went on to work for the California youth authority at (YTS) youth training school in Chino California. As a youth counselor and Sr youth  counselor he was responsible for daily supervision and counseling of wards of the court average age 20 years old. in 1978 it was time for Allen to on from the youth authority to start a new career in the real estate industry.

For the next 20 years he became very successful in listing selling and financing real estate transactions. From 1998 - 2005 Allen managed several real estate offices and mortgage companies. In 2005 he owned and operated All American mortgage group (AAMG) in Covina California.

After working in corporate America and running his own real estate and mortgage companies, Allen saw the exponential value of network marketing. He has large teams through out the USA . He has a desire to help families and individuals to live a better life through systems of leverage and duplication.   

Garrant Durant

Team Leader

From Upland California Garratt Durant is a motivated entrepreneur. After Graduating from Upland High School Garratt pursued his entrepreneurial career as a club promoter. He traveled all over the world marketing and promoting major events.

During his international travels and business endeavors Garratt developed a great network of community influencers. He wanted to utilize his amazing network to help make a difference in people's lives by helping them achieve their goals. He chose Network Marking as his vehicle to create success that could be duplicated.

Garratt has taken his experience in business and marketing to build teams globally and help families and individuals to achieve higher success.